High School Youth Group Wednesday 7-8:30pm


The goal of the youth groups is to provide the youth of the parish a fun faith-filled environment that will help each person grow in their relationship with God.  We meet every week, year round in the youth room and focus in on the areas of catechesis, spirituality, social justice, and building community.  We also offer many retreat opportunities and social activities to keep the youth busy such as our summer and fall retreats, CYC Convention, Bible study, worship nights, book club, ski trips, broom hockey, rafting, folf, camping, caving, lock-ins, weekly service projects, and much much more!  Don’t miss out and if you have any questions please contact Brian Shea at brians@stbernardblgs.org.

September 13th – Opening Night – Help us start off the year right with some icebreakers, root beer floats, and 9 square.

September 20th – Who Am I? – This week we will talk about who God created us to be while playing games such as tape face and dragon tails.

September 23rd – 24th (Saturday 4pm to Sunday night) – Kickball Tournament – Please join our team as we try to defend our kickball championship in Helena.  The deadline is Sept. 20th.  

September 27th – Community – Tonight we will be playing different team games and talking about the importance of community in our lives. 

October 4th – Catholic Spiritualities – Join us as we learn about the many different Catholic spiritualities and orders that are all part of our Catholic faith.  We will also be playing many different parachute games this week.

October 11th (6:30pm – 9:00pm) – Corn Maize – This week we will be meeting at 6:30pm and then carpooling down to the Corn Maize for a night of fun.  Everyone needs to bring $7 and make sure you wear some warm clothes.

October 18th – Catacomb Night – Tonight we will be learning about the early church and having an indoor kickball tournament.   

October 25th – Fear Factor – Don’t miss this youth group favorite, as we talk about our fears and play many different fear factor games.

November 1st – Current Events – This week we will take a look at the news and discuss some of the things that are going on in our world.  We will be playing ga ga ball for our game.

November 8th – Worship Night – Join us for a relaxing night of prayer and music.  We will also be playing a new game called robot lyrics.

November 10th – 12th (Friday 6pm – Sunday 4pm) – Ask, Seek, Knock Retreat – Don’t miss out on this amazing retreat!!!  The deadline is November 3rd so turn in your forms in ASAP.

November 15th – Happiness – Tonight we will be looking at what our faith says about being happy.  We will also be playing many different noodle games this week.

November 22nd – No Youth Group – I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and we will see you back next week.

November 29th – Vatican II – Come join us as we learn about Vatican II and discuss the future of the Church.  Our game for the night will be carpet skating.

December 6th – Advent – This week we will talk about the importance of Advent and preparing ourselves for Christ.  We will also be playing worm wrestling.

December 13th – Trust Night – Tonight we will play many different trust games and talk about the importance of letting God rule our lives.

December 20th – Christmas Party – Help us celebrate the birth of Christ with Bible readings, games, food, and prizes.  We ask every to bring a wrapped gift and wear your best Christmas sweater for this fun night. 

Thursdays – On every Thursday, except the fourth Thursday of the month, we will go to Family Services to make meals for the homeless.  We will leave the church at 3:40pm and be back by 5:00pm every week. 


If you ever need to get a hold of Brian Shea please call him at 259-4350 or email him at brians@stbernardblgs.org (make sure it doesn’t autocorrect the email to brains).   If you want to receive email reminders of our activities please email Brian and let him know you wanted to be added to the email list.

We also have a high school Facebook page for youth and parents at https://www.facebook.com/groups/198811927026/

Finally, youth and parents can join our high school Remind texts to receive texts about what is going on in youth group.   All you need to do is text @stbernar to the number 81010