RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children)

RCIC is for children beyond the 2nd grade. They fall in one of three general categories:

  • They have not been baptized.
  • They were baptized in another faith tradition, but their parents wish them to enter into the faith and sacramental life of the Church through Reconciliation and Eucharist, and Confirmation
  • They were baptized Catholic, but have not received formal instruction in the faith and missed the reception of one of the sacraments at the usual time.
  • Classes start in Fall, contact Tim. 

Any child 3rd grade through 8th grade that needs to receive the sacraments of First Communion and confirmation please contact Tim McDonald at 259-4350 or tmcdonald@stbernardblgsorg

Jr. High and High School age and Adults needing sacraments contact: Roy Brown at rcia@stbernardblgs.org or Brian Shea at brians@stbernardblgs.org

 RCIC Sacrament Preparation Schedule 2021-2022
Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm

Oct    6    We Celebrate Gods Love    Chapter 2 / We Hear Good News    Chapter 3
Oct    20    We Look At Our Lives    Chapter 4 / We Ask for Forgiveness    Chapter 5
Nov    3    We Go Forth in pardon & Peace    Chapter 6 / Reconciliation practice/ 10 Commandments
Nov    15    *1st Reconciliation    6:00pm
Nov    28    *Rite of Welcome    9:00 AM MASS
Dec    1    I Belong to a Community    Lesson 1 / Review Rite    
Dec    15    I Prepare for Confirmation    Lesson 2 / What Happens in Confirmation    Lesson 3
Jan    5    Our Community Remembers Jesus    Lesson 4 /  Decision point videos    
Jan    19    Jesus Gathers People Together    Lesson 5 /  Tour the Church    
Feb    2    Jesus' Special Supper    Lesson 6/  Practice how to receive Communion    
Feb    16    Our Community Shares a Meal    Lesson 7 / Practice how to receive Communion    
March    2    Ash Wednesday /  We Share the body and blood    Lesson 8
March    6    Rite of Election    St. Patrick Co-Cathedral 3:00pm
March    12 or 13    *1st Scrutiny    
March    16    Spring Break No Class
March    19 or 20    *2nd Scrutiny    
March    26 or 27    *3rd Scrutiny    
March    30    Confirmation practice & Scrutiny's   
April    10    Easter Vigil Rehearsal    12 noon St. Bernard Church
April    13    Confirmation practice    LAST CLASS
April    16    Easter Vigil Reception of Sacraments    7pm St. Bernard church