High School Youth Group Wednesday 7-8:30pm


The goal of the youth groups is to provide the youth of the parish a fun faith-filled environment that will help each person grow in their relationship with God.  We meet every week, year round in the youth room and focus in on the areas of catechesis, spirituality, social justice, and building community.  We also offer many retreat opportunities and social activities to keep the youth busy such as our summer and fall retreats, CYC Convention, Bible study, worship nights, book club, ski trips, broom hockey, rafting, folf, camping, caving, lock-ins, weekly service projects, and much much more!  Don’t miss out and if you have any questions please contact Brian Shea at brians@stbernardblgs.org.

High School Youth Group - Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:30pm

June 12 (Sunday 6:30 - 11pm) - Selfie Studio and Worship Night - We will kick off the summer with a night of worship, games, and ice cream. Please meet at the church at 6:30pm and we’ll carpool down to the new Selfie Studio for photos and games. Afterwards, we will drive to Zimmerman Park for worship and prayer. We will finish the night by stopping to get ice cream then back to the church for board games. Please bring $15 for this fun night.

June 15 - Ice Blocking and Field Games - Tonight we will meet at the church and walk down to Castle Rock Park for a night of ice blocking and other field games. Please make sure you wear clothes that can get wet with possible grass stains.

June 20 (Monday 12:00pm) - Golf Day - See if you can win our green jacket and trophy as we hold our first golf tournament of the summer. We will meet at the church at 12pm and then play 18 holes at Par 3. The cost is $16.

June 22 - Summer Olympics – Come join us for our 18th annual Summer Olympics! We will compete in a series of games to see who can take home the gold medals.

June 29 - Food Challenge - This week we will have our annual food challenge where every game we play revolves around some sort of food!

July 6 - Finger Rockets - Tonight we will be having a huge Finger Rockets War. This is always a youth group favorite!

July 8-15 - Rooted Summer Retreat - This week we will not be having youth group as Brian, the volunteers, and 28 high school youth will be on a week-long Bible retreat in the Flathead.

July 20 - Water Wars – Make sure you wear clothes that can get wet as we will have many different games involving water and our giant slip and slide.

July 27 - Carnival Night - Tonight we will have tons of carnival style games and chances to win a lot of fun prizes. July 31 (Sunday 7:00 - 11:00pm) - Worship Night - We will have one last worship night before fall sports/activities start up. We will meet at the church at 7pm and carpool to the rims for worship. After worship we will make a quick ice cream stop (please bring money) and will drive back to the church for board games.

August 1 (Monday 8:45am) - Golf Day - Join us for the last golf day of the year. We will meet at the church at 8:45am and go to Par 3 for 18 holes. The cost is $16 and the winning team gets to keep the golf jackets for the school year.

August 3 - Brains, Guts, and Muscles - Come see if your team can win the triple crown as we will have three sets of games that involve thinking, some fearlessness, and a little bit of strength.

August 7-9 - (Sunday 9:00am - Tuesday 4:00pm) - Backpacking Trip - This Sunday we will be attending the 9am Mass and then loading up the vehicles for a three-day backpacking trip to Quinnebaugh Meadows. Get your forms in early for this great trip!

August 10 (Wednesday 5:45pm) - Book Club - Join us for dinner and discussion as we talk about our book club book Field Notes on the Compassionate Life by Marc Ian Barash. I have the books for $5 while supplies last.

August 10 - Slip and Slide Kickball - This week we will be playing slip and slide kickball. Make sure you wear clothes that can get wet for this fun night.

August 17 - Water Balloon Assassins – Finish the summer off with a night of water balloon assassins. This game is a mixture of hide and seek and a giant water balloon fight. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 259-4350 or email me at brians@stbernardblgs.org. Also, youth and parents can join our High School Remind texts to receive texts about what is going on in youth group. All you need to do is text @stbernar to the number 81010. We also have a private Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ groups/ 198811927026) and Instagram page (st.bernards_yg) where we post pictures and other faith links for the high school youth.

We also have a private Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ groups/ 198811927026) and Instagram page (st.bernards_yg) where we post  pictures  and  other  faith  links  for the high school youth.