Middle School Youth Group:  Grades 6-8  - Tuesdays 7 - 8:30pm


The goal of the youth groups is to provide the youth of the parish a fun faith-filled environment that will help each person grow in their relationship with God.  We meet every week, year round in the youth room and focus in on the areas of catechesis, spirituality, social justice, and building community.  We also offer many retreat opportunities and social activities to keep the youth busy such as Search, Legendary Lodge, Bible study, worship nights, book club, ski trips, broom hockey, rafting, folf, camping, caving, lock-ins, and much much more!  Don’t miss out and if you have any questions please contact Brian Shea at brians@stbernardblgs.org.

~~Middle School Youth Group (Grades 6-8) – Tuesdays 7:00–8:30pm

January 8 - Resolutions and Virtue - Start the new year off right as we talk about resolutions, habits, virtue, and how to take small steps to improve our faith life.  We will also have many different games available to close the night.  

January 15 - Year in Review - We will be taking a look back on 2018 and discussing the books, movies, songs, websites, and apps that can help bring us closer to God.  Our game for the week will be best of the best.

January 22 - Worship Night - Tonight we will have a relaxing night of song, prayer, and ga ga ball!  Feel free to invite your friends for this fun night.

January 29 - Happiness - This week we will take a look at what makes a person happy and how our faith can help in these areas.  Our game for the week is hungry hippos.

February 5 - Pass the Pigs - Come join us for a night of fun as we host a huge Pass the Pigs tournament.  There will be lots of prizes and snacks!

February 12 - Dating and Relationships - Tonight we will be talking about dating, relationships, and vocations.  We will also be playing indoor kickball as our game.

February 19 - Pro-Life - This week we will talk about what it means to stand up for the dignity of life at our schools, in the community, and throughout the world.  Our game for the week is centipede.  

February 24 (Sunday 6:45am - 6pm) - Ski Trip - Don’t miss out on our annual trip to Red Lodge for a day of skiing and snowboarding.  Make sure you get your forms in fast as there is limited space on this trip.  

February 26 - Tradition - Come this week to learn more about the hierarchy, rules, and structure of the Church.  We will be playing noodle jousting for our game this week.

March 5 - Board Game Night - Tonight we will talk briefly about Lent and the Lenten Challenge and then spend the rest of the night playing games.  

March 12 - Prayer - This week we will talk about and learn some new prayers.  Our game for the night will be over the edge.

March 19 - Fasting - Come learn more about the importance of fasting and simplifying our life.  We will be playing telephone charades for our game this week.

March 26 - Almsgiving - Tonight we will talk about the importance of loving and helping our neighbor.  We will also be having a giant spoons tournament!

April 2 - Ice Skating/Broom Hockey (6:40pm - 9pm) — Come join us for a night of ice skating and broom hockey.  We will meet at the church at 6:40pm and carpool to Centennial Ice Arena, joining the other Catholic youth groups in town.  We will be back to the church by 9pm for pickup.  Everyone needs to bring $5 and a broom for this fun night!

April 9 - Current Events - This week we will be looking at a lot of different current events and discussing how we can bring our faith to these situations.  We will be playing plunger jousting for our game.

April 16 - Stations of the Cross - Tonight we will be praying a Stations of the Cross and talking about Holy Week.  We will have a variety of different games to end the night.

April 23 - Sin and Forgiveness - Come join us as we talk about sin, forgiveness, and healing.  Our game for the night will be yuki ball.  

April 30 - Worship Night - This week we will have a worship night of prayer, music, and some tchoukball.

May 7 - Senior Night - Don’t miss this night as the graduating seniors will be hosting everything from prayer, discussions, and the games.  

May 14 - Guinness Book of World Records - Tonight we will try to break some world records and learn what it takes to deepen our faith life.  

May 21 - End of the Year Party - We will finish the year with a BBQ, 9 Square, and many other games!


Sandwiches for the Homeless – On the second Thursday of every month the middle school youth group will go to Family Services to make meals for the homeless.  You need to be at the church by 3:40pm and we will be back for pickup by 5pm. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 259-4350 or email me at brians@stbernardblgs.org.

Also, youth and parents can join our middle school Remind texts to receive texts about what is going on in youth group.   All you need to do is text @fbf29h to the number 81010.