Welcome Christmas Greeting

Posted on December 18, 2019 in: General News

Welcome Christmas Greeting

    “Merry Christmas” isn’t just a jolly greeting – it’s a blessing. A blessing that God’s peace be with you.

    Wonderful and surprising things always happen during the Christmas season – generous sharing of gifts and resources with the poor and loved ones, friendships are renewed with cards, calls, Facebook and twitters, reconciliations happen with family and estranged persons.  God organizes all of this as we stop to remember and continue His love for us with a baby at Bethlehem.

    If you’re staying home, we’ll share Christmas liturgies, if away, be safe and come home refreshed; whether we are with our birth family or our faith family or both, we are almost irresistibly drawn to God’s Christmas gift and the infant Jesus touches us again with divine love.  Everything we do to celebrate Christmas is part of God’s grace.  Some day we will share it fully in Heaven; til then we do the best we can to create His love here on earth.

   Thanks for sharing!  A blessed Christmas to each of you.  Fr. Dave and Staff


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