Parish Groups

Meets every Wednesday at 1:30 PM in King David Room.

All are welcome. Do not be put off by the word "knitting" we gladly welcome anyone who would like to gather with convivial friends to do handwork. We do charity knitting, crocheting and if you have a good handwork project for charity. In the past we have donated sweaters, hats, mittens to St Vincent de Paul and preemie items to the NICU at St Vincent Hospital. This mother's day we knit sweaters and blankets for babies and gave them to LaVie (formerly CareNet). In this way we do God's work to clothe those without clothing. We give something back to our community and gain much much more in the joy of the creative process. We also have developed loving friendships. We are a drop in-group. No dues. No attendance demands. That said we would love to have you join us every Wednesday for a couple of hours. May God bless the work of your hands.  For more information contact the parish office.