Mass Schedule - Check with us weekly to see when Masses are.

Social distancing is in place for all Masses. Distrubution of Holy Communion is to be offered in the hand only.

Weekday Masses will be in the large church

Tuesdays & Thursdays - 7am
Wednesdays & Fridays - 9am
Weekend Masses: Saturday - 5pm
Sunday - 9am  & 11am

Rosary: Wed. and Fri. at 8:30am before Mass, Tues. & Thurs. at 7:30am after Mass. Wed. 9:30am at Planned Parenthood. 

Anointing of Sick: 1st Friday of the month at the 9am Mass (Please call the parish office to let us know you will be coming to Mass)or by appointment.

Reconciliation: Wed. 9:30am, Sat. 4:30pm or by appointment.